esports in Nordic schools

Do you want your school to be included in the esportsNS project?

Benefits of joining

  • First-hand access to data reports, digital and printed versions
  • Networking with other schools in the project
  • Joining the project does not imply any economical cost for the school or the students.

Implications of participation

  • The project comprises a longitudinal study. During this time the esports students will be approached, via the school, to answer a series of surveys
  • Once a year the school will be responsible to distribute a survey link to the students
  • The person(s) responsible of the eSports program will be approached to answer a survey at the beginning of the project and at the end
  • We also encourage other students that play video games, but are not enrolled in the eSports programme to participate in the study
  • Students should be 16+ years old.

Your rights

  • The identities of the students will be protected
  • The schools will have the right to keep their identity private if they wish
  • Individuals and schools have the right to terminate their participation in the project at any time.

The project has been approved by the Norwegian Center for Research Data (NSD) and all procedures will be according to the regulations of the University of Bergen.